Healing Dark Spots On The Face During The Summertime

Posted on: 29 July 2020

Some skin types tend to develop dark spots easily, especially after an acne breakout or due to cuts on the face, caused by trauma or rough facial scrubs. If you have a face that has developed dark marks, getting rid of them for a completely even skin tone is likely your goal. One of the biggest enemies for this goal is the sun. When your skin tans, the dark spots often get darker as well. This will cause even more issues with removing the melanated tint of the dark marks and restoring your normal skin tone. Here are some ways that you can heal your dark spots, even during the summertime. 

Start a regimen of micro-needling at your dermatologist's office

Microneedling is one of the ways that you can heal the dark marks. Microneedling makes small abrasions to the face, which will begin to heal themselves. Needling over old dark marks means that new tissue and collagen in the skin are produced in these areas. You will need to repeat this procedure a number of times in order to see results, depending on how stubborn or dark your facial scars have become. This procedure is best done by a dermatologist so that the needles that are used are proper hospital grade and do not cause possible infector or damage to the surface of your skin. 

Carefully perform chemical peels

Chemical peels take away the old layer of skin to reveal the new skin underneath. It is common for the skin to have a lighter appearance after a chemical peel. This applies to dark marks on the skin as well. The appearance of the dark marks will be lessened with the chemical peel. After a regimen of peels, you will notice that the dark marks in your skin are less and less noticeable. Ask your dermatologist for a chemical peel that will work for your specific skin type so that you do not over peel your skin and expose yourself to a possible chemical burn. 

Wear a high SPF at all times

One of the best things that you can do for your skin to heal dark marks is to wear SPF at all times. Even if you are going out at night, apply a high SPF content sunscreen or sunblock on your skin. This will stop possible darkening of your skin and dark marks and give your facial treatments time to work. 

If you are interested in microneedling, feel free to contact a dermatologist to learn more.


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