Minimize Scarring After Mohs Surgery

Posted on: 23 January 2020

Mohs surgery is minimally invasive, and as a result, scarring after this procedure is typically on the milder side. However, what's important to understand is that, to some degree, you can control the degree to which you experience scarring after this surgical procedure. If you want your skin to look as healthy as it is after your procedure, learn what steps you should be prepared to take.

Wound Care

Depending on how large the area is from which the small segment of skin is removed, your provider might provide you with some wound care instructions. You need to follow them to keep heavy scarring at bay. Improper wound care increases the risk of infection, which is important since infections will sometimes leave behind skin discoloration. 

Skin Massages

You might also apply a skin massage around the affected area after it has time to heal. Massaging the area over the surgical site helps promote proper circulation, which is critical for healthy skin and can help promote the reproduction of collagen, which can also minimize scarring. This step will take a commitment on your part since you will need to perform the massage at least once a day for the best result.


Keep your body hydrated. When you stay hydrated by drinking healthy amounts of water each day, you hydrate your body from the inside. This internal hydration, in turn, helps keep your skin supple, which can minimize scarring. When you aren't hydrated, your skin is also dry, which makes it more prone to scarring and wrinkles. 

Skin Moisturizer

While water might do a great job at hydrating your body from the inside, applying a moisturizer over the top layer of the skin is also helpful. Moisturizers lock in moisture and work to keep your skin supple from the outside. Just make sure it's an actual moisturizer as every lotion or cream doesn't necessarily have moisturizing qualities. 

Healthy Habits

Practice healthy habits throughout the day to help minimize scarring after your Mohs procedure. Unhealthy habits like smoking should be avoided. Smoking affects the way blood is able to flow through your body, by restricting it. Healthy blood flow helps heal the skin, so if blood can't properly flow to the incision area, it will take longer to heal, which increases the risk for scarring.  

If you are prone to scarring or have any additional concerns about the condition of your skin after the procedure, be sure to bring up any issues with your health care provider.


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